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What is the Best Fitness Ball for Pilates?

MUV Pilates Fitness Ball

  • Product dimensions of the fitness ball:
    2 x 12.5 x 5 cm; 50 grams
  • COMPLETE FITNESS SOLUTION: This versatile mini pilates ball is your all-in-one exercise tool, enhancing core strength, sculpting abdominal muscles, optimizing posture, boosting endurance, and improving balance and flexibility. It’s suitable for strengthening, rehabilitation, and toning exercises.
  • STRONG DURABILITY AND QUALITY: Made from soft, flexible PVC, this 9-inch (23cm) anti-burst ball is designed for lasting performance. Its non-slip texture ensures stability during pilates, yoga, or physical therapy workouts. It remains pliable and elastic when fully inflated, providing comfort and safety.
  • EASY INFLATION AND STORAGE: YInflating this mini pilates ball is a breeze using the included tube and your breath, eliminating the need for a pump. Its compact size and 9-inch (23cm) diameter make it highly portable and convenient for storage, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your active lifestyle. Stay committed to your fitness regimen wherever you go.
  • VERSATILE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A popular choice among fitness and yoga enthusiasts. Improve body balance, strengthen your core, and increase flexibility. This versatile pilates ball can also enhance coordination and stability while boosting endurance and muscle strength in your core.
    MAXIMUM COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Experience superior comfort and support during your exercises with this pilates ball. Its unique design and soft material provide a cushioned surface for workouts, making it a preferred choice for a gentle yet effective exercise experience.
  • VARIABLE DIMENSIONS between 21 cm and 25 cm. the fitness ball is used for resistance work for Pilates and other fitness exercises on the mat. Improves coordination and flexibility.

Fitness Ball for Pilates

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Amazon Offers for Pilates

I have found the following products on Amazon which are at reduced prices for Spring 2023.
Begins from 27th March 2023.

ATIVAFIT Yoga Mat, 10MM Extra Thick Exercise Mat for Pilates



  • ✦ Non-slip Surfaces: A non-slip surface which is perfect for sweating and strenuous exercise, prevent body sliding during a sweaty workout. The wavy bottom of the mat prevents it from slipping on the floor, and its smooth surface has a strong grip and is easy to maintain posture.
  • ✦Durable NBR Material: Made from synthetic rubber by high-density NBR, these padded exercise mats are specially designed to provide optimal comfort and support during your exercise routines.
  • ✦FREE CARRY STRAP: A free yoga mat strap is included. It is very easy to storage, and great for yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts. With a thickness of 10mm and free from latex and phthalates, this mat should last the duration of your yoga journey.
  • ✦MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these durable yoga mats are easy to set up, ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Abs, Sit-Ups, Gymnastic, Training, Exercise, Party, Camping, Picnics, Sleepovers
  • ✦[Great Service]: ATIVAFIT is a profession brand to sell gym product and want to simplify your home gym, if you have any questions about our home gym products, please feel free to contact us. We will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Amazon Brand – Umi – Exercise Fitness Ball Yoga Swiss Ball with Hand Pump for Home and Gym


UMI Exercise Ball

  • Slow Deflation – Exercise ball is made with the honey comb structure which makes it deflate slowly resistant if punctured, thus reducing the risks of injury due to falls to the ground and offering you caring protection!
  • Non Slip Rings Design – The gym ball features anti-slip rings, that increase, grip and help with balance. Advance slip prevention material ensures the ball can be used on most surfaces whether it’s at home, in the gym or outdoors.
  • Extra Thick & Top Quality Material – The exercise ball has a thicker wall in 2mm which resist up to 300KG. The strong material is nicely made with non toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy metals.
  • Versatile: You can sit, lie and lean on them, they’re great for crunches, bridges, dumbbell exercises, yoga postures, Pilates and more.
  • Select the Right Size : Gym Balls come in 3 sizes to suit your height and get the best results. Please check the size guide to identify the correct ball for you. The gym balls also come in 3 colours with an inflation pump to easily inflate to the correct capacity.

Gritin Resistance Bands, [Set of 5] Skin-Friendly


Gritin Set of five resistance bands

  • [5 Colors 5 Levels] Our resistance bands include five colors representing five tensile force, easy for you to quickly identify the level you want. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the fitness bands can fully meet your needs.
  • [Safe and Durable] Non-toxic and skin-friendly to the human body. Made of 100% premium quality natural latex material to ensure high tensile strength and fast rebound performance, so bands provide superior durability, not easy to crack. Beside, the resistance bands are easy on the skin, so we don’t need to worry about the “rolling or sliding” problem.
  • [Extension Length] 600mm x 50mm, long enough to stretch your total body to enhance the exercise of your legs, knees, hips and back. You could use for a range of workouts including Pilates, yoga, strength training or postpartum workouts, physiotherapy, injury recovery etc. Great for everyone.
  • [Perfect Portability] With a free carrying bag, it is very easy and convenient to take everywhere, perfectly ideal for indoors and outdoors use with the instruction. The included manuals developed by professionals can provide you with a variety of fitness plans and exercise patterns for reference.
  • [What You Get] 5X Gritin resistance bands with different level, 1X portable storage bag and 1x Manual in six languages.
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Choosing a Magic Circle

There are many magic rings to choose from. I have listed five examples here, all available on Amazon. I will follow this up with the results from my own experience using these. What to look for and what to avoid.

Five Magic Circles reviewed in 2023

1- Beenax Pilates Ring

  • Dimensioni prodotto: 38 x 36 x 4.5 cm; 700 grammi
  • Attrezzo per allenamento pilates
  • Aumenta le possibilità di allenamento
  • Aumenta le esigenze di allenamento
  • Per principianti e avanzati
  • Allenamento per addominali, gambe, glutei

Beenax ring for Pilates

2- DOMYOS Pilates Circle

  • Dimensioni prodotto: 35 x 3.5 cm
  • Realizzato in fibra di vetro, materiale ad alta resistenza, forte e durevole, forte pressione e nessuna deformazione.
  • Il design dell’arco della maniglia può adattarsi meglio al corpo, materiale in polietilene, morbido antiscivolo.
  • I lati della maniglia sono realizzati con cuscini laterali in polietilene per una presa più confortevole.
  • Adatto a cosce, schiena, vita, braccia, ecc., Per migliorare mobilità, agilità e resistenza.
  • Se avete domande, vi preghiamo di contattarci in tempo, siamo felici di servirvi!


3- CampTeck Pilates Circle

  • Dimensioni prodotto: ‎36.8 x 36.8 x 5.2 cm; 320 grammi
  • Ring yoga 14,5 pollici di polipropilene resistente e materiale EVA.
  • Ideale per i principianti e professionisti. Yoga anello per esercizi con resistenza da leggera a media.
  • Anello pilates da 14,5 “ideale per allenamenti full body e a terra, interno cosce, glutei e fianchi, addominali, braccia e petto.
  • Diametro cerchio fitness di 37 cm / 14,5 “con cuscinetti interni di 12,5 cm x 5,3 cm ed esterni di 14,5 cm x 5,3 cm.
  • Compatto e leggero, ideale per i viaggi. Attrezzi pilates adatto per la palestra in casa, fitness, lezioni di yoga o lezioni di pilates.


4- URBNFit Anello Pilates

  • Dimensioni prodotto: 35.2 x 34 x 6.2 cm; 530 grammi
  • Usa il nostro versatile cerchio Pilates per l’allenamento di resistenza completo del corpo – scolpisci il tuo corpo, a modo tuo!
  • Realizzato in robusta fibra di vetro con un manicotto in gomma, il nostro cerchio per anelli Pilates non si rompe, si riforma ogni volta.
  • Replica gli oggetti di scena dello studio Pilates con la nostra attrezzatura portatile per l’esercizio interno della coscia per le donne – la perfezione della palestra domestica!
  • Il nostro anello magico Pilates è realizzato con cuscinetti in schiuma a doppia faccia resistenti al sudore, per un allenamento imbottito.
  • Disponibile in 3 colori, il nostro anello fitness è ideale sia per i principianti che per i professionisti esperti del Pilates.

Realizzato in resistente fibra di vetro con un manicotto esterno in gomma, l’anello non si piega in modo permanente o si incrina. Manterrà sempre la sua forma e riforma in un cerchio anche dopo gli esercizi più faticosi. La dimensione dell’anello URBNFit Pilates misura 30,5 cm di diametro. È disponibile solo in una dimensione standard ed è adatto per i consumatori con un’altezza inferiore a 5’3. La maggior parte degli anelli pilates misura in media circa 14-15 pollici di diametro, quindi l’anello pilates URBNFit può essere classificato come piccolo. È dotato di cuscinetti in schiuma a doppia faccia in modo che rimanga comodo durante l’uso. Con un peso di soli 0,5 kg, l’anello pilates URBNFit è leggero sulla pelle. L’anello URBNFit Pilates è dotato di cuscinetti in schiuma resistente al sudore, sia all’interno che all’esterno. Ciò consente un allenamento più facile con una migliore presa e un livello di comfort più elevato. L’anello URBNFit Pilates può essere utilizzato per un allenamento al petto, allenamento alla coscia o su qualsiasi altra parte del corpo. È leggero e portatile, quindi è ottimo per allenarsi anche durante i viaggi. L’anello URBNFit Pilates è realizzato in fibra di vetro con rivestimento esterno in gomma. Entrambi questi materiali sono resistenti e flessibili, il che garantisce che l’anello non si rompa o si rompa. Ha anche un’elasticità estremamente elevata perché mantiene la forma anche dopo gli esercizi più rigorosi. È una soluzione semplice per mantenere il tuo corpo in forma comodamente da casa tua o durante la tua lezione di pilates. L’anello URBNFit Pilates è più adatto per esercizi di tonificazione e costruzione muscolare. Funziona alla grande per un allenamento completo del corpo con esercizi concentrati su addominali, petto, cosce interne ed esterne e superiori delle braccia. L’anello aiuta a scolpire il tuo corpo nella forma esatta che vuoi che sia. Per un esercizio al petto, tenere l’anello con entrambe le mani e premere sui cuscinetti per un allenamento efficace. COME UTILIZZARE EFFICACE ANELLO PILATES Tutto può essere reso efficace purché sia usato correttamente. L’anello URBNFit Pilates deve essere acquistato solo per le persone che hanno meno di 5,3 anni in modo che si adatti bene e rimanga confortevole. Il prodotto è più adatto per coloro che hanno una routine di allenamento leggera senza sollevamento pesi pesanti.

5- RiToEasysports

  • Dimensioni prodotto: ‎1 x 0.1 x 1 cm; 450 grammi
  • [Maniglia comoda] La maniglia dell’anello yoga è riempita di schiuma, che può fornire supporto e comfort. La maniglia adotta un design curvo con funzione antiscivolo.
  • [Rafforza i muscoli] L’anello yoga può migliorare il tuo tono muscolare quando pratichi regolarmente, comprese le braccia, i muscoli addominali e così via.
  • [Mantieni la forma del corpo] L’anello yoga è una buona scelta per mantenere una forma del corpo sana. È molto adatto a coloro che desiderano sviluppare la forza muscolare.
  • [Materiale di alta qualità] L’anello yoga adotta materiale in fibra di vetro di alta qualità, che ha un’elevata resistenza e resistenza agli urti. Può essere utilizzato per molto tempo.
  • [Taglia] Il diametro dell’anello yoga è di circa 37 cm / 14,6 pollici e la larghezza dell’impugnatura è di circa 5,3 cm / 2,1 pollici. Uno degli accessori essenziali per il Pilates.


Pilates Advice

How to Find a Good Pilates Teacher

The effectiveness of Pilates depends on the quality of the teaching and therefore the instructor.

When you look for a Pilates teacher, the options are dizzying because the trademark has expired and anyone can say they teach Pilates. So, for starters, look for a teacher with a lot of experience. Also look for one who really starts slowly so you can learn the proper way to do the exercises – this can’t be done quickly, and requires a lot of attention from the teacher as well as from you. If you don’t feel like you’re getting that, look elsewhere, and if the teacher says, “go for the burn,” head for the hills.

Some Pilates teachers emphasize holding your torso and hips very still – they call it “the Box,” and believe it shouldn’t move. That’s not core support, that’s rigidity. Find a teacher who can help you feel very deep muscle action without stiffening up your whole body, so you feel supported yet free to move.

Other teachers emphasize working with your lower back flattened to the floor – something Joseph Pilates himself taught but current scientific understanding of the spine tells us is unhealthy. Find a teacher who helps you find and use a “neutral spine,” preserving the natural curve of your lower back.
And, most important of all, find a teacher who can truly take your needs into account, whose sessions make you feel great both during and afterwards, and whom you really like to work with.

Quality products recommended to use for your fitness routine:

Fitness Ball for Pilates
Beenax ring for Pilates
Gritin Set of five resistance bands
Urban Fit Pilates Circle
UMI Exercise Ball
Pilates Advice

Choosing the Correct Pilates Mat

Sabrina uses Pilates mats and accessories from Pilates-Mad, here is an article reproduced from their blog, with some alterations and updates.
Pilates Mat

If you haven’t heard already, Pilates is fantastic for your overall health and well being as well as helping to look after your spine! Pilates requires little equipment so it’s perfect at home, but one of the key pieces of equipment is the Pilates mat!

When it comes to Pilates mats, there are a lot out there. It’s so hard choosing the right one. Everyone has their own requirements, whether you’re a beginner at home to advanced Pilates instructor in a studio, having the right mat can really help!

PowerX Pilates Mat

Pilates mats are generally thicker than the standard exercise or yoga mat as the most important part of their function is to cushion the spine, knees, wrists – basically any boney bits (check out The Crab and you’ll see what we mean). Plus, as the majority of matwork Pilates is performed on the floor it means you don’t need a thinner mat (like they are for yoga for standing postures for easier balance).

What to Consider

There are a few main points you’ll want to consider when choosing a Pilates mat:

Thick or Thin?

Most Pilates mats are over 6mm in thickness, if you’re looking for a dual mat to use for both Pilates and Yoga, then a 6mm mat is the sweet spot, something like the Evolution or Deluxe Warrior Mats. That being said, the best thickness for Pilates is between 8mm – 15mm. If you want to get the best of both worlds and can afford to do so, you can always consider layering mats, e.g. a 6mm mat with a 4mm mat, or if you attend a Pilates class but want the hygiene of your own, you could purchase a thinner mat to go over the top of the class mat.

Material Type

Material doesn’t play a huge roll but something to consider is if it’s too stretchy. A mat that is too stretchy when performing Pilates exercises can make life very uncomfortable because it means you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place and possibly risking good alignment. Ensuring the mat is made from a dense but soft and comfortable material is best.

Lightweight or Heavyweight?

If you’re working out at home and space isn’t an issue, then having a heavy mat of nice material is perfect as you won’t need to worry about having to carry it to and from class or rolling it up. However, if you do need to carry your mat with you, then you’ll want to make sure the mat is lightweight enough to carry without discomfort, and if it’s got a carry strap with it even better, such as our Core Fitness Mat. Pilates mats because of their thickness can be very bulky, so you definitely don’t want to add to that with extra weight!

Size Does Matter

Size is something not to be overlooked. There are a lot of short aerobic and exercise mats out there that are far too short to use comfortably during Pilates. Nobody wants to be in the middle of The Roll-Over and suddenly find you have no mat beneath your head, neck and shoulders! Or worse, when you’re on your front with no mat to rest for forehead on, such as Swimming move!

Smooth or Grip?

Texture depends on if you’re looking for a dual-purpose mat, e.g. for use in yoga and Pilates. Pilates doesn’t really require a grippy surface mat, but choosing a surface you like the feel of is also important (plus keeping in mind if it’s stretchy!). Go for grippy if you’re looking for a yoga mat which can double up as a Pilates mat, the more grip the better for yoga!

The Comfort Factor

Last but not least, comfort. Comfort is what it is all about and this is definitely the one that’s the most personal. What one person thinks is comfortable, another may not. It really is trial and error but if you consider the rest of the previous points then we’re pretty certain you’ll get the comfort factor right.

Another thing to consider is to go for a Pro mat. At Pilates-Mad we supply both Pilates Studios, Instructors, and home users. Meaning when you buy a mat from us, you know you’ll be getting the very best quality you can.

Still confused? Don’t worry, speak to one of our experts to help ensure you pick the perfect Pilates mat!

Quality products recommended to use for your fitness routine:

Fitness Ball for Pilates
Beenax ring for Pilates
Gritin Set of five resistance bands
Urban Fit Pilates Circle
UMI Exercise Ball
Pilates Advice

Celebrities who do Pilates

The list of celebrities who do Pilates is almost endless, from Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna to Martin Amis, John Cleese and Ian McKellen. It may be easier to compile a list of celebrities who don’t do Pilates.

“I have been going for 13 years… How do I measure the success of Pilates? Certainly, I emerge with a tremendous sense of well-being, and even if I do call at the coffee shop for a croissant afterwards, I still feel my health has been served. I remain active and relatively agile.”

– Joan Bakewell, writer and broadcaster, on the secret of her health and agility at the age of 70 – from an article in The Guardian.

“These [Pilates] exercises are really very necessary when you do a lot of sitting… They keep you flexible enough to pull on your socks as you get older… When I get out of the car now, I don’t go arrggghhh…”

– Martin Amis, novelist and twice-a-week Pilates devotee.

“I do Pilates four or five times a week. The benefits are subtle, but it increases your flexibility and really tones you up. It also straightens your spine and improves your posture. In the past eight years, I’ve grown more than two and a half inches (6cm). I am 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and I am very pleased with that.”

– Belinda Carlisle, singer and pop icon.

Pilates for Actors

“I don’t like to waste time. I want to spend it doing the best possible thing for me. Pilates has given me the greatest returns. It sucks your butt up, tones the legs and shoulders. Nothing else gives you definition like it.”

– Lucy Lawless, best-known for portraying Xena, Warrior Princess

“Now I have muscles of steel and could easily deal with giving birth.”

– Hugh Grant, actor and film star

“I have done every diet in the book over the years. What made the big difference was the exercise. Now I do a lot of walking, Pilates and some running and swimming.”

– Lorraine Kelly, TV presenter

“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.”

– Jennifer Anniston, TV and movie star

“Pilates is the only exercise programme that has changed my body and made me feel great.”

– Jamie Lee Curtis, movie star

“What do I like most about Pilates? ‘The fact that I can really feel my body working. I might do 250 crunches but my body is so used to them that I don’t really feel them. With Pilates, I can really feel [my abdominals] even if I only do six or 12 repetitions.”

– Joan Collins, actress and writer, who first started doing Pilates over 30 years ago

“You have turned me into a Ferrari; my husband thanks you.”

– Ruby Wax, actress, writer and TV personality, to her Pilates teacher

Athletes who do Pilates

“It helps with a lot of injury prevention. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

– Elena Baltacha, British former tennis player

“Athers suggested I try daily Pilates exercises. He swore by them.”

– Andrew Flintoff, former England fast bowler, on the advice he got from Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain, on how to tackle his back problems. Flintoff took the advice and was soon back to fitness and form.

Recovering from Injuries with Pilates

“Pilates is not just for the fit. It is wonderful for injuries. My damaged shoulder was taken in hand, special exercises prescribed, attentive care always available. A younger member of our group recently had a hip operation and Pilates helped her recovery; another broke a leg and arrived for classes encased in plaster. Already she’s back on her feet. I stop short of making medical claims. I merely report what I have seen.”

– Joan Bakewell, writer and broadcaster, on the secret of her health and agility at the age of 70 – from a recent article in The Guardian.

Quality products recommended to use for your fitness routine:

Fitness Ball for Pilates
Beenax ring for Pilates
Gritin Set of five resistance bands
Urban Fit Pilates Circle
UMI Exercise Ball
Pilates Advice

What you can get from Pilates

Depending on your needs, Pilates might be an excellent choice of exercise. But it can’t, as people sometimes believe nowadays, do everything – no form of exercise can.

Here are the major things Pilates does:

  • Pilates can help you be more flexible, particularly if you’re out of shape. Part of being flexible is having the strength and coordination to support yourself in larger, looser movements.  A good Pilates teacher who understands how we use flexibility in life can help you lengthen your muscles while developing the strength to support your flexibility.  This is much more effective and useful than just stretching.
  • Pilates allows you to work on strength and flexibility simultaneously. In traditional gym-style fitness
    you usually work on one thing at a time, and sometimes your efforts to develop one will actually hinder the other.  For instance, people who lift a lot of weights without concern for flexibility often become tight and musclebound.  And on the other hand, if you stretch prior to exercise, you actually weaken your muscles.  Pilates helps you develop strength and flexibility in combination, the way you actually need them in your life.
  • Pilates helps you develop a steady internal support in your hips and trunk.  And yes, it makes your tummy flatter. You’ll sustain better posture and learn to use the deep core support key to moving with grace or power.  Once you are able to find and feel this support, you will be able to bring it into athletic activities and other forms of exercise.  So try not to get hung up on just the tummy thing – there’s so much more to it than that.
  • Pilates helps you learn to move with more awareness. The whole point of Pilates is to help you tune into your body for exercise rather than tuning out. This is one of the method’s most challenging and enjoyable facets.  And if you already feel plenty aware of yourself, such that riding a stationary bike while watching TV seems mechanical and boring to you, you’ll probably love Pilates.
  • Pilates will help you relieve stress by moving and breathing mindfully. It has been shown that physical exercise helps reduce primarily the physiological effects of stress, while meditation reduces primarily the psychological experience of stress. Mindful exercise combines the stress-relieving properties of both for a very broad and powerful effect.
  • A good Pilates teacher is a powerful ally in rehabilitation. If you have pain or are recovering from injury, Pilates is a wonderfully flexible system of exercise that can meet you at your current level of function, then help you progress safely.

Quality products recommended to use for your fitness routine:

Fitness Ball for Pilates
Beenax ring for Pilates
Gritin Set of five resistance bands
Urban Fit Pilates Circle
UMI Exercise Ball
Pilates Advice

What you don’t get from Pilates

Depending on your needs, Pilates might be an excellent choice of exercise. But it can’t, as people sometimes believe nowadays, do everything – no form of exercise can.

Here are the major things Pilates cannot do:

  • Pilates does not challenge your heart and lungs much or burn many calories. A study of the fitness benefits of Pilates mat classes by the American Council on Exercise showed that the cardiovascular benefits and calorie-burning potential of the exercise was equivalent at best to a walk at a moderate pace.  That is enough physical activity to reduce your risk for major diseases of aging, including heart disease and diabetes, since these benefits come when you go from no exercise to very mild regular exercise.  But it’s definitely not enough to make your heart and lungs particularly fit or to help you lose weight.
  • Pilates does not help you get really strong. To build your strength, you need to work against resistance strong enough to challenge you.  At first a Pilates workout may do that, but beyond a certain point you cannot find a continuing challenge.
  • Pilates builds strength for simple movements in the front-to-back plane, and more strength on the front than on the back of your body. So if you are looking for an exercise system that will directly help you improve your ability to do movements that involve turning and twisting, or if you need more back strength, Pilates will not be the best choice.
  • Pilates doesn’t build power (the ability to use strength quickly) or what we can generally call spring. This is because it involves smooth, flowing movements but lacks impact and quick or ballistic movements.  Power and spring are key components of fitness, essential for balance and fall-prevention and especially important for many kinds of sports.  You will need to turn to other forms of exercise to specifically build these things.
    If you are an athlete, Pilates may help you or it may hinder you. The current vogue of “core strengthening” in athletics needs to be applied in sports specific ways, so most Pilates is too generic to be of use.  Strengthening the deep core stabilizers is a help in athletes who have weakness there, but the buzzword “core stability” is too often mistaken to mean “core held still,” which interferes with athletic performance – and with coordination for every kind of person.  And it is important to remember that Pilates was developed by a gymnast in collaboration with dancers.  It cultivates movement patterns that are appropriate to dance but not necessarily to sports.
  • If you have aches and pains it is important to understand that Pilates does not solve all problems. If you have severely compromised movement patterns due to pain, or need to make significant changes in posture, coordination, or athletic form and technique, then exercise of any kind – even Pilates will not do the job.

Quality products recommended to use for your fitness routine:

Fitness Ball for Pilates
Beenax ring for Pilates
Gritin Set of five resistance bands
Urban Fit Pilates Circle
UMI Exercise Ball