Pilates has become my way of life, which has allowed me to strengthen my center and my stability more and more to keep me in better shape, especially after having the joy of having a child. In fact I can testify that the fact of having had a body already very trained allowed me to carry on a brilliant pregnancy and to be able to recover in a very short time my physical form as before pregnancy. I discovered Pilates in 2008 and in 2009 I decided to do the training at the school of Power Pilates in Verona, which teaches the classic and original method developed by Josef H. Pilates about 90 years ago. The training immediately gave me that preparation that I was mostly trying to teach in the most effective and successful way. In 2009 I immediately started teaching Group Courses while continuing my training in the use of Pilates aparatus which I completed successfully in 2011. I now instruct both individuals and groups of all levels using mat or personal apparatus.

Addicted to fitness

I’ve always been a health fanatic and fitness addict. I began at an early age with skis, put on my feet at the age of two, and then continued with artistic gymnastics at 7 years and continue with classical dance from 11 to 18 years. These two activities gave me excellent physical control and good posture, particularly facilitating the learning of the Pilates method, a method that was born as a specific therapy for injured professional dancers. Today I find myself doing any kind of physical activity every day, from running, cycling, climbing and free climbing, ski mountaineering, hiking and swimming. I completed two IANTD diving certificates and I participated in several races and ski mountaineering competitions. I also participated in a group triathlon and qualified in 2nd place.

Pilates qualified and accredited

I am a qualified and accredited Pilates teacher with the highest qualifications, level 3 MAT and System Apparatus, which includes the Pilates activity on the equipment, and I regularly participate in workshops to keep the training and preparation for teaching, as I believe that you never stop learning! I have the preparation and insurance to teach groups, individuals and couples.

When starting with the Pilates teaching I wanted to make sure that the class had a limited number of participants to allow me to follow the best Personal Training, in fact every body is different and the sessions are tailor made to consider the needs of each person. Pilates is an exclusive method aimed at each person individually, and I want my clients to be individuals, not just numbers.

I have a real passion and conviction of the sense of well being that Pilates can give, and I can not wait to share my enthusiasm with you