Choosing the Correct Pilates Mat

Sabrina uses Pilates mats and accessories from Pilates-Mad, here is an article reproduced from their blog, with some alterations and updates. If you haven’t heard already, Pilates is fantastic for your overall health and well being as well as helping to look after your spine! Pilates requires little equipment so it’s perfect at home, but […]

Celebrities who do Pilates

The list of celebrities who do Pilates is almost endless, from Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna to Martin Amis, John Cleese and Ian McKellen. It may be easier to compile a list of celebrities who don’t do Pilates. “I have been going for 13 years… How do I measure the success of Pilates? Certainly, […]

What you don’t get from Pilates

Depending on your needs, Pilates might be an excellent choice of exercise. But it can’t, as people sometimes believe nowadays, do everything – no form of exercise can. Here are the major things Pilates cannot do: Pilates does not challenge your heart and lungs much or burn many calories. A study of the fitness benefits […]